Saturday, 29 March 2008

Step by step project: card featuring die cuts with glitter accents

Here's another gorgeous card designed by Andrea Dipple. The card uses these techniques:
You will need:
To start, using your card scorer, score a fold on the front of your card blank only, approximately 2.5cm from the spine of the card (if you do not have a card scorer, this can be quite simply achieved by using a metal ruler and scorer. At this stage, do not fold the card along this new scored line. Simple open the card up so that it lies flat with the front of the card facing upwards.
Working on a piece of spare paper, apply a piece of double sided sticky tape centrally to the newly scored 2.5cm section. Trim tape to fit. Remove protective layer and cover with glitter. Tap of excess glitter and return to bag. Adhere two small pieces of double sided tape to the inside top and bottom of the scored section. Use this to secure the ribbon centrally over the glittered section. Do not worry if the ends look untidy inside the card, as this is about to be hidden! When you close the card, the 2.5cm scored section will be sealed shut by the double sided tape.
Tie a small piece of ribbon in a bow to the front of the card.
Use your die-cutting machine to create two shoes and one handbag die cut (tip, if you turn your card over and cut from the reverse when cutting one of the shoes, you will have a left and a right shoe). Stamp your greeting onto a card off cut and allow to dry
Using your glue pen, trace the stamped greeting with a light layer of glue. Also use the glue to pick out detail on the shoe and the handbag flap. Allow to dry. Apply the adhesive gem stone to the centre of the handbag flap. Then, working on a spare piece of paper, apply glitter to the embellishments, tap off excess and collect back into glitter container.
Cut three equal-sized mats from contrasting cardstock, apply 3D foam to the reverse of the embellishments and mount them onto the mats. Apply 3D foam to the reverse of the stamped and glittered greeting.
Apply these to the front of the card to finish this project.


josordoni said...

Hi Gill, this is a very very good blog! Love these glittery bits too...

Foil Play said...

Oooh a comment! Thank you, Lynne :-D