Saturday, 30 August 2008

Craft on eBay - less choice in future

eBay bans 'buy it now' items under 99p

As part of the latest round of fee changes, eBay UK has stated that it will no longer be possible for sellers to list 'buy it now' items priced under 99p after 24 September 2008. Existing listings on the site for goods under 99p will continue until they expire or sell out.

More detail is available in this Tamebay article about the change.

The change means that Foil Play (and of course many other eBay craft and bead sellers) will no longer be able to sell a wide range of items individually on eBay, including most step-by-step decoupage sheets, backing papers, peel off sticker sheets and Dufex picture prints.

I think this is a real shame - there is a thriving market for craft on ebay, and this policy is a huge blow, both for sellers and buyers. Unfortunately, unless eBay sees sense and has a change of heart, the ability of buyers to pick and purchase the individual craft items of their choice on eBay is about to be very restricted!

The future for Foil Play

I will be scaling down Foil Play's presence on eBay from the end of September onwards, and concentrating on my website, which already offers a much more extensive choice than my eBay shop, along with free P&P on purchases over £5.00.

I will also be expanding my Amazon shop. P&P on purchases from Foil Play via Amazon is a flat rate of £1.00 per order, or free if you spend over £25.

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