Sunday, 11 September 2011

Dufex individual picture prints

Dufex picture prints are great for cardmaking, and versatile too - you can either use them individually to make a stunning centrepiece, or if you have more than one of the same design, you can decoupage them to add extra layers / dimension.
Some of the prints have a panel design, so you could if you wish cut them into a number of individual toppers, making them very good value indeed.
Sadly, Dufex has now discontinued the smaller range of prints which were particularly suitable for cardmaking, including series 13, 14 and postcards.
I have stocked up on the remaining prints that Dufex had in stock and have some lovely new toppers listed now, including Christmas and religious designs.
I won't be able to restock the majority of print designs when they sell out, so if there are some that you particularly like, please stock up now and don't miss out!

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