Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ultra fine art glitters: new vial packaging

Ultra fine art glitter available at Foil Play

Ultra fine art glitter is now available in new, improved, packaging at Foil Play. Previously supplied in grip seal bags, the glitters are now packaged in 5ml screw top plastic vials, making them much easier to handle, re-use and store. Best of all, the glitters are still available at the same bargain prices, just 99p for individual colours, discounted further if you buy a set of several vials, or a larger amount of a single colour. 

Foil Play stocks a range of 35 beautiful, intense, colours of this high quality ultra-fine polywash glitter, a little of which will go a long way.

This versatile glitter can be heated up to 177C or 350F and suggested uses include:
  • mixing with glue or embossing powder;
  • coating unbaked polymer clay, and heating in the oven;
  • mixing with a water based varnish to coat baked clay;
  • sprinkling onto double sided adhesive tape or film;
  • pick out and highlight fine details using a glue pen, such as the Tonertex or Sakura Quickie glue pens - let the glue dry until it is clear, then gently rub on the glitter;
  • these are polyester glitters, so they are safe to mix with gel for use on nails, hair & body.
Ultra fine art glitters at Foil Play

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