Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kanban in Administration - the end of an era?

You may now by well have heard the news that Kanban Crafts Ltd has gone into administration and will cease trading shortly. 

I was very saddened to hear this, particularly when I consider the impact on all of the people involved who have lost their jobs. Kanban and their staff have always gone the extra mile for me, which is one of the reasons, along of course with the huge popularity of the products, why Kanban has been one of my biggest suppliers over the past few years.  

I have been asked about the impact on Foil Play, so I'd like to stress that I do stock a very wide range of craft products (over 9,500 different lines now!) and that my business will continue. Sadly, it isn't the first time that one of my suppliers has gone into liquidation, the beauty of being a small fish in the crafting sea is that I have flexibility to adapt and survive and I will continue to do just that. 

I spent the day in Shipley yesterday at the closing down sale, and it's safe to say there won't be a shortage of Kanban products at Foil Play any time soon. Realistically, it will take probably a few weeks for me to list it all, but I can promise that there are plenty of bargains in the pipeline - watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Its so sad just reading that as i didnt know. Theyve done beaautiful things over the years i will miss them. Will have to stock up from you.
Glad i liked your website so i can buy all my bits.
Natalya x

Shelley said...

Very sad news indeed! We really do not need to add to the unemployment figures right now and I hope everyone involved finds alternative employment soon. From my own perspective, I will miss them dearly as their designs are simply gorgeous, with so many themes to choose from. Looks like I shall have to stock up...

Shelley xx

Hilary Dilnot said...

I am shocked! Especially with the new shop and website recently opened, and the handmade card and crafts market booming. Very very sad, such lovely designs which in my view were superior to others. Glad to know we will still get them from you for a while, Gill. Hilary Dilnot at

cheeky-spider said...

Very sad news....I love their products, so many beautiful ranges and amazing quality

Barbara Kirk said...

I don't know how I have missed this news!I have always been an avid Kanban girl for their wonderful products both on QVC and more recently on Create and Craft. I really am shocked and surprised. Keep up the good work!x