Sunday, 30 May 2010

Kanban Sparkly Glitz, Male and Female Icons card

New Kanban goodies for June should be available within the next week or so. In the meantime, some gorgeous new Kanban cardstock has just arrived, including the lush Sparkly Glitz card above, which you may have seen featured on QVC last week. It really is beautiful, and only a small amount will add a touch of luxury to your cards.
Also new in are the male and female icons foiled pearl card, which co-ordinated so well with the recent Kanban QVC TSV, they would also be a perfect ingredient in any male or female themed card.
The male and female icons range features a great selection of colours and on trend icons, including football, beer bottles, dartboard, cupcakes, gilded cages, hearts, handbags, text and more. The male set is currently on waitlist at QVC. If you already have one or both kits, perhaps you'd like to stock up on a few more of your favourite designs. These ranges won't be going out to retail generally, so once the limited stocks that I have are gone, I won't be able to replenish them.

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