Thursday, 6 May 2010

Nature cards with Dufex Waterfall toppers and Kanban card

Angie has been busy creating again - she has produced a selection of gorgeous wildlife cards using toppers from Dufex die cut waterfall topper sheets.
The Dufex die cut waterfall topper sheet used to produce the panda and gorilla cards is pictured below.
For the gorilla card, Angie made an iris fold surround in a hexagon pattern to match the shape of the topper using two shades of green card, so it looks as if the gorilla is peeping out through green bushes. The iris folding could of course be done to fit any shape. Angie made the base card out of an A4 sheet of Kanban Zen Willow Peridat card with hexagon aperture cut out to mount the iris fold behind. The card has been trimmed with ribbon and a sentiment added from a Zen Garden topper sheet.
With the panda card, again Angie has made a iris fold surround in black and white, mounted on a square card which has been cut to shape, edged with gold borders and trimmed with ribbon. As a finishing touch, Angie added a pink flower embellishment to beautifully complement the flower in the topper picture, with leaves cut from the left over Kanban Zen Willow card.
For the butterfly cards, rather than using the die cut toppers as they are, Angie has decoupaged the individual butterflies and mounted them like samples, with name tags.
The Dufex die cut waterfall topper sheet used to produce the butterfly cards is pictured below.
The toppers can be used individually or for waterfall cards. Each pack includes illustrated step by step instructions and a template for making the waterfall mechanism.
For this card, Angie has teamed the decoupaged Dufex butterflies with this gorgeous gold Kanban pearl enamel glazed Farfalla card.
For the last card, Angie mounted the decoupaged butterflies onto an aperture card fitted with a bubble front, with name tags as if they are in a specimen box. The card has been trimmed with ribbon to finish.


SDCrafts said...

What excellent examples these are - compliments to the maker!

Foil Play said...

Thank you, Shirl - I will let Angie know :-D