Saturday, 29 March 2008

Step by step project: card featuring die cuts with glitter accents

Here's another gorgeous card designed by Andrea Dipple. The card uses these techniques:
You will need:
To start, using your card scorer, score a fold on the front of your card blank only, approximately 2.5cm from the spine of the card (if you do not have a card scorer, this can be quite simply achieved by using a metal ruler and scorer. At this stage, do not fold the card along this new scored line. Simple open the card up so that it lies flat with the front of the card facing upwards.
Working on a piece of spare paper, apply a piece of double sided sticky tape centrally to the newly scored 2.5cm section. Trim tape to fit. Remove protective layer and cover with glitter. Tap of excess glitter and return to bag. Adhere two small pieces of double sided tape to the inside top and bottom of the scored section. Use this to secure the ribbon centrally over the glittered section. Do not worry if the ends look untidy inside the card, as this is about to be hidden! When you close the card, the 2.5cm scored section will be sealed shut by the double sided tape.
Tie a small piece of ribbon in a bow to the front of the card.
Use your die-cutting machine to create two shoes and one handbag die cut (tip, if you turn your card over and cut from the reverse when cutting one of the shoes, you will have a left and a right shoe). Stamp your greeting onto a card off cut and allow to dry
Using your glue pen, trace the stamped greeting with a light layer of glue. Also use the glue to pick out detail on the shoe and the handbag flap. Allow to dry. Apply the adhesive gem stone to the centre of the handbag flap. Then, working on a spare piece of paper, apply glitter to the embellishments, tap off excess and collect back into glitter container.
Cut three equal-sized mats from contrasting cardstock, apply 3D foam to the reverse of the embellishments and mount them onto the mats. Apply 3D foam to the reverse of the stamped and glittered greeting.
Apply these to the front of the card to finish this project.

Step by step project: card featuring elegant stamped dress on foiled background

This beautiful card has been designed by Andrea Dipple. The card uses the techniques:
  • using foils to create a background;
  • stamping on foiled surfaces;
  • using foils with stamp board;
  • using triple thick enamelling; and
  • using glitter to highlight stamped images.
To create this card you will need:
Start off by cutting 3 pieces of double-sided adhesive sheet slightly larger than the pieces of stamp board. Apply them to front of the stamp board, but before removing the upper protective sheet, trim the adhesive to snugly fit the stamp board. Remove the upper protective sheet and apply the rub on foil. Go back over with the foil to pick up any missed sections. Ink the outer edges of the stamp board with your coloured ink pad.

Turn the stamp board over and secure the three pieces together with low-tack masking tape (or ordinary sticky tape that you have "felted" on your clothing to remove the stickiness). The tape just holds the stamp board together temporarily whilst you stamp. Turn the stamp board back over and if you have one, wipe the surface with an anti-static pad. Now ink up your stamp and stamp your image onto the foiled surface, taking care not to slide the stamp which will blur the image (if by any chance you do, don't worry, just repeat the foiling stage on the reverse of your stamp board and you'll be able to stamp again on that side).

Set the stamped image aside to dry for 15 minutes. Using the glue pen, pick up highlights of the stamped image (in this case, I picked out detail on the dress hem) and apply glitter. Tap off the excess and leave to dry for approximately 30 minutes.

Once the image has dried, remove the low tack masking tape from the reverse of the stamped images. You now need to liberally cover each of the stamped pieces with a Versamark Ink Pad. Then, working on a spare piece of creased paper to catch the excess, cover with clear embossing powder. Tap off any excess and return to the tub. Place the stamp board on a heat resistant work surface and heat with the heat gun until the embossing powder melts. As you carry out this process, the foiled background will bubble up slightly due to the heat, Do not worry! Firstly, almost all of the bubbles will disappear as the stamp board cools. Those that remain will only enhance the end result, as the image is meant to look like it is a reflection in an old, slightly distressed mirror.

Repeat the above enamelling process another 2-3 times until the desired result is achieved. You want the pieces of stamp board to be covered in a thick, glossy coat of clear enamel, so that they look like mirrored pieces. When finished, allow a few minutes for the pieces to cool and set.
Next, cut and mat a piece of ribbed cardstock and adhere it to the front of your card blank.
Apply double-sided sticky tape to the reverse of the stamp board pieces and adhere them to your card blank. I find it easier to apply the middle piece centrally and then align the top and bottom pieces accordingly.
Voila, your card is finished!

Step by step project: Marij Rahder moveable decoupage

Marij Rahder has designed some great moveable decoupage sheets, to add something fun and and unusual to your card making and craft projects. However, the instructions printed on the sheets themselves are a little sparse, so I thought I'd do a step by step project showing how to make one.

To start with, you'll need the moveable decoupage sheet of your choice, a sheet of card or paper, glue, scissors, four brads, a pokey tool (or hole punch) and foam pads (or silicone adhesive).

Check the instructions and letters on the sheet, to help work out how to assemble the scene. There is a little outline diagram on each sheet showing how the assembled project should look. Paste the decoupage sheet onto the sheet of card or firm paper, I used a glue stick to do this. Although this step is in the instructions on the sheet, I'd say that you could probably make the project using the decoupage sheet on its own if you prefer.
Cut out all the individual design elements from the sheet.
Make holes where indicated for the brads. There are two of these on each character, two on the background and two on the long fence piece. I used my 'pokey tool' to make the holes, you could use a hole punch, or (if you are very posh!) a Crop-a-Dile.
Assemble the scene using the brads. On the girl, the upper brad is fixed to the background, and the lower right brad to the fence piece. On the boy, the upper brad is fixed to the fence piece, and the lower brad (in his foot) is fixed to the background. Once the scene is assembled, you should be able to gently pull the fence piece, and the figures will move towards each other.
Stick foam pads onto the back of the other cut out pieces - you can of course use silicone adhesive, if you prefer.
Stick the decoupaged pieces on to the boy and girl figures, layer them up using the largest first to produce a 3D effect.
Gently pull the fence piece, to make the boy and girl kiss - all together now, ahhhhh!
Your moveable decoupage project is now complete, and can be added to your card or other craft project.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

New Dufex die cut sheets - floral and Faerie Poppets

Well Dufex has been busy! Lots of new sheets have just been released and are now in store at Foil Play.

If you love the timeless, exquisite, ethereal and magical Faerie Poppets by Christine Haworth, you'll love these new Dufex die cut sheets. The designs are the same as those produced by Reddy Cards, but in Dufex. Because the sheets are so reflective, it's very had to capture on camera how gorgeous they actually are.

There are eight different designs, featuring the following fairies:
  • Brambley Hedge & Faerie Touch;
  • Crystal Keeper, Floating D'stream & Flyaway L'bird;
  • Daisy, Crystal Star & Baby Rosebud;
  • Dawn's Early Dancer, Honeysuckle & Midnight Magic;
  • Little Blossom & Spring Pansy Faerie;
  • Flyaway, Honeycomb & Primrose Faerie;
  • Secret Dell & Briar Rose Faerie; and
  • Snails Pace, Wooded Bluebell & Horsechestnuts.
There is also a series of eight floral die cut sheets. Again, the designs may look familiar, as they are already available as die cut sheets from Reddy cards. Each sheet contains three beautifully detailed projects, and the collection includes roses, fuchsia, carnations, phlox, cornflowers, dog rose, philadelphus, campanula, mallow and petunia.

As the sheets are die cut, all the hard work is done for you, all you need to do is pop out the different elements, and layer them up in the numbered order with foam pads to produce truly stunning toppers for your card and craft projects.

Something else new is a series of four die cut topper sheets, featuring age and birthday greetings, for male and female themed cards. Each sheet has two separate topper projects, with a choice of greeting banners or age numbers. You can of course use the spare banners and numbers for other projects.
Last but not least, there are four new step by step everyday decoupage sheets, each containing three numbered step by step projects. The new designs are:
  • luscious chocolate cake, chocolates and hot chocolate pictured above;
  • teen boy - football, skateboard and guitar;
  • medallion in blue, peach and lilac colourway; and
  • elegant girls in hats.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Michele Marsden Exploding Boxes and Waterfall sheets

Here's something a little different - die cut exploding box kits and waterfall sheets, designed by Michele Marsden. You may well have seen these demonstrated on Create and Craft TV.

The exploding box kits contain 3 die cut sheets, so you won't need scissors to put together the boxes. The waterfall sheets are also die cut. Both are easy to make, as long of course as you know how! An illustrated step by step instruction sheet will be included with all purchases of exploding box kits or waterfall sheets from Foil Play.

Other new goodies from Redhotbed in store at Foil Play include Clutter sheets and die cut topper sheets, featuring Egypt, Paris, Spain, Japan and USA foiled stamp designs amongst others, along with the very popular die cut Designadecoupage sheets.

Michele Marsden, a papercraft and concept designer, works as Design Manager for Redhotbed and demonstrates her designs on Ideal World and Create and Craft TV channels. Michele's website includes lots of step by step projects and gallery examples for crafting inspiration.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

New 3D Photopic die cut decoupage sheets

These gorgeous 3D Photopic sheets are new in stock today at Foil Play. The A4 sheets contain projects suitable for larger sized (e.g. A5) cards.

The sheets are die cut, so no scissors or cutting are required - just pop out the numbered pieces and layer up with foam pads or silicone adhesive to create stunning toppers for your card and craft projects.

There are eight sheets in the range so far:
  • red roses;
  • pink roses;
  • clematis;
  • daffodils;
  • Ferrari sports car;
  • motorbike;
  • narrowboat; and
  • vintage car

Saturday, 15 March 2008

M I Hummel die cut decoupage sheets

I've just listed a new selection of Hummel die cut decoupage sheets. These are numbered step by step designs, no scissors are needed, so all you need to do is pop out the pieces and layer them up with foam pads or silicone adhesive, to create eye catching toppers for your cards and craft projects.

The projects on each sheet picture cute Hummel ceramic figurines, based on the drawings and paintings of German nun Maria Innocentia Hummel. Sister Hummel's works were discovered by Franz Goebel (the head of a porcelain company) after a small publisher began printing her artwork, featuring youthful innocence, as postcards. Goebel started production of the figurines in 1935. Sister Hummel was born in Bavaria in 1909 as Berta Hummel, she died in 1946 of tuberculosis, at only 37 years old.

Paintbox Poppets by Christine Haworth - die cut decoupage sheets

Paintbox Poppets are now in store at Foil Play! There are 10 different die cut decoupage sheets, featuring delightful designs of children by Christine Haworth.

These timeless images are beautifully detailed, the children have very expressive faces. The die cuts are very precise and detailed too. As with all die cut decoupage, no scissors are needed, all you need to do is pop out the pieces and layer them up with foam pads or silicone adhesive, to create eye catching toppers for your cards and craft projects.

Christine Haworth was born in Blackburn in Lancashire, England and has been drawing and painting since early childhood. After graduating with a degree in illustration Christine started her career as a freelance illustrator and a figurative artist. She presented her work at many exhibitions in the late 70's and 80's and received excellent reviews.

By the early 90's Christine had become an established artist and made the decision to branch out into licensing her designs under the Crisalis Brand. These have been licensed in many forms including collectable figurines, greeting cards, dolls, cross-stitch, decoupage, mugs and collectors plates.

Christine Haworth's Design range includes Paintbox Poppets, Faerie Poppets, Crisalis Classics, Meadow Cottage Bears, Dream Tide Fairies, Pigling the Pog and Angel Whispers. Christine's subjects are imaginative and nostalgic.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Betsy Lurvink decoupage - Fantasy and Fairy Art of Molly Harrison

I've just listed some gorgeous Betsy Lurvink decoupage sheets, featuring the Fantasy and Fairy Art of Molly Harrison. Some sheets have step by step decoupage projects, others are multi-image sheets, with lots of gorgeous fairies, suitable for use as card toppers, or for ATCs (artists trading cards).

Speaking of fairies, I've done a little housekeeping on the web site over the weekend, and gathered all the fairies and angels together to live in one area. I didn't realise quite how many there were scattered about the site until I embarked on this task! Now Angel Whispers, Betsy Lurvink, Faerie Poppets, Flower Fairies, Francien's Fairies, Jasi-Kins, Rock Hard Fairies, Sugar Snips (and more!) can all be found here.

I've also moved die cut decoupage into a high level category of it's own on the website, so it will be much easier to browse, if you are only looking for die cut sheets.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

New die cut decoupage from Michele Marsden and Craft UK

As die cut decoupage increases in popularity, new designs are becoming available. The latest from Michele Marsden is Designadecoupage - A4 sheets of numbered die cut decoupage, with two projects per sheet. The range of 12 designs includes floral, cartoon characters and male themed designs.

Also new in store at Foil Play are seven different male themed die cut decoupage sheets from Craft UK. Each sheet contains three numbered step by step projects. The range includes football, rugby, golf, vintage aeroplanes, sports cars, motorcycles and boats.

As with all die cut decoupage, no scissors are needed, all you need to do is pop out the pieces and layer them up with foam pads or silicone adhesive, to create eye catching toppers for your cards and craft projects.

Both sets of die cut decoupage are a bargain, at only 99p a sheet - little more than the cost of a normal decoupage sheet!

Patchwork Kingdom - brand new decoupage designed by Beth Hughes

Patchwork Kingdom is the gorgeous new range of A4 3D step by step decoupage papers and matching background sheets from the Crafthouse Press.

The range is designed by Beth Hughes, the artist behind the hugely popular Jolly Nation (Paper Nation) range of decoupage.

Each 3D sheet features two decoupage projects of cute woodland animals, and there is a co-ordinating backing paper available for each design.

The newly released Woodland collection features:
  • badger
  • fox
  • rabbit
  • hedgehog
  • mouse
  • squirrel