Saturday, 19 April 2008

FGS Creative Designs Stack-Its and Jasi-Kins sheets

Foil Play has stocked up on Stack-Its pyramid decoupage sheets, which have been very popular recently. Stack-Its, from FGS Creative Designs, are a great new style of decoupage, as seen on Create & Craft TV.

You cut out all the different sized shapes of the image, then layer them on top of each other with foam pads, starting with the largest at the base and the smallest at the top, to create a 3D pyramid effect.

Self adhesive foam pads are recommended rather than silicone adhesive for this particular type of decoupage, as they provide more even spacing between layers.

There are lots of different designs in the range, including animals, floral, oriental, male, religious, Sandra Kuck, Sugar Snips and of course a wide choice of lovely Christmas designs too.

I've also added lots of new Jasi-Kins decoupage sheets. There are three different 3D step by step sheets with co-ordinating backing papers in the range, and a wider choice of sheets with 6 identical fairy images, like the one above, which could be used as individual toppers, as well as for decoupage.

The multi image sheets are for more advanced decoupagers, as you need to identify which elements to omit in the layered design, but of course the designs you produce will be more individual. If you are new to decoupage, you might prefer to start with step by step designs before moving on to these.

Jasmine Becket-Griffith
is the artist behind Jasi-Kins fairies. She is a free-lance artist living in Florida, who loves to create her own fantasy work through her artwork. If you'd like to see more of her beautiful fairy creations, check out the gallery on Jasmine's web site.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

TBZ embossed, gilded and glazed die cut decoupage

Lots of new die cut decoupage designs are in store at Foil Play. These high quality TBZ sheets are embossed with gold highlights and a glazed finish. No scissors are needed, just pop out the die cut elements and layer them up with silicone adhesive or self adhesive foam pads to produce beautiful toppers for your card and craft projects.

There are many designs to choose from, including gorgeous florals, pets, babies, cars, cherubs and Christmas. Some sheets contain two individual projects, others have four projects.

Monday, 7 April 2008

3D Photopics - large photorealistic decoupage sheets

Some great new decoupage sheets are now in store at Foil Play. 3D Photopics are high quality photorealistic decoupage sheets, in a wide range of designs, including pets, other animals and birds, flowers, zodiac and transport.

Simply cut out the step by step elements on each sheet and layer up with self adhesive foam pads or silicone adhesive to produce stunning toppers, which are particularly suitable for large cards (such as A5). A selection of designs in the range are available as die cut sheets too.

3D Photopics will be premiering new designs on Ideal World and Create and Craft TV channels at 11 am on 11 April.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Foil Play and

I am delighted to say that Foil Play has become a outlet! is a great independent forum, packed with excellent advice and up to date news on all aspects of shopping TV channels. There is also a 'sister' forum dedicated to craft shopping on TV, at

If you watch or purchase from QVC, Ideal World, Create & Craft or other shopping TV channels, both forums are very well worth checking out.