Sunday, 25 May 2008

Chinese Papercuts

I've just listed these beautifully delicate, vibrant and detailed handmade Chinese papercuts. There are several packs to choose from:
  • butterflies;
  • chinese scenes;
  • deer;
  • insects and flowers;
  • lanterns;
  • tigers; and
  • vases.
The papercuts are coloured on both sides, ideal for card making. Try them laminated to use in aperture cards for stunning effects. Alternatively, stick onto a card blank by using a dry glue stick onto the card blank, then lay the papercut over the glued area and press down, finishing off any loose bits with some glue on a cocktail stick. These sheets are very intricate and delicate - they need to be handled carefully and used only with dry glue, as wet glue would damage them.

I've also done some housekeeping and tidied up the oriental decoupage section of the website today, to make all of the oriental sheets at Foil Play easier to find.

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