Saturday, 14 June 2008

Step by step project: A4 Egyptian themed card

This project gives step by step instructions to make an Egyptian themed A4 card, featuring a Dufex postcard topper, which makes a great focal point for a larger card.
To start with, I needed:
At this stage, I was also planning to incorporate some hieroglyphic patterned card as part of the matting and layering - but as the design progressed, I decided that less was more!
Score both pieces of the moondust card approximately 1cm from the long edge of the card. The scored edge will form the spine of the card.
Place the postcard topper on the reverse of the mirror card, and mark in pencil where you need to cut, to form the backing mount.
Cut the mirror card backing to size using your trimmer; cut out two of the Dufex greetings toppers (one is for the inside of the card); cut a backing mount for one of the card greetings in mirror card and cut a piece of the Egyptian icons backing paper to size for the front of the card.
Put double sided sticky tape on the back of both pieces of mirror card, the backing paper and one Dufex greeting. Put double sided foam pads on the rear of the Dufex postcard and the other Dufex greeting.
Mount elements onto one piece of the moondust card, with the scored edge to the left, as shown. Whilst the Kanban ribbons are adhesive, I'd recommend using double sided adhesive tape also, to make sure that they stay stuck down.
This is the inside of the card - I've stuck down the Dufex greeting flat, and added double sided adhesive tape. There are actually two lines of tape, but I've removed the covering tape for the first line, as there wasn't enough room to fit them side by side. Remove the cover from the second piece of tape, and adhere the front of the card to the back. I found that the easiest way to get the two pieces of card correctly positioned was to hold them parallel and upright (landscape) on a flat surface with the edges to be adhered at the top. It's easy then to manoeuvre the sheets together to exactly the right position.
Adhere another piece of adhesive ribbon to the spine of the card, again using extra double sided adhesive tape, to be on the safe side.
Carefully open the card and crease back.
Voila, the finished card!

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