Sunday, 16 November 2008

Delicious new die cut decoupage designs from Dufex

Lots of great new Dufex goodies are now in store at Foil Play.

Firstly, a selection of die cut decoupage kits. Each kit contains 2 A4 sheets, a die cut decoupage sheet and a non die cut card making design elements (including borders, corners and background panels) sheet which can be easily cut out using a craft knife or scissors. Each sheet perfectly complements the other and when combined will give all your card designs a stunning result.

There are six kits so far in the range:
  • Anniversary;
  • Easter;
  • Floral occasions;
  • Good luck and congratulations;
  • New baby (pictured above); and
  • Wedding
There are four new everyday die cut decoupage designs:
  • Pigs (pictured above);
  • Oriental;
  • Motomania; and
  • Victorian Beach
Six popular existing step by step designs are now also available as die cut sheets, these are:
  • Easter;
  • Wedding;
  • Teen Male (pictured above);
  • Cricket, Football & Rugby;
  • Cheers; and
  • Chocolate
There is a gorgeous new mandala hearts step by step sheet too, pictured above.
Last but not least, there is a new selection of individual Dufex picture prints too. Very inexpensive, but versatile, the prints could be used as the centrepiece for a special card either as an individual topper, or decoupaging several sheets of the same design to add extra dimension. With many of the prints, including the vintage cars print pictured above, you can cut out and use individual elements on more than one card. Of course these prints are so beautiful, you can also use them as pictures too!

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