Sunday, 28 March 2010

Step by step Kanban Wobblers project

Here's a step by step guide on how to assemble a Kanban Wobblers kit. These cute kits are really unusual and a Wobblers card will really stand out on the mantlepiece! In addition to the kit, you will need double sided adhesive tape (or other adhesive of your choice); foam pads and acetate, card or paper for the rocker base.
The two sheets which form the kit are pictured above. Pop out the die cut components - I find it easiest to snip the tiny tags holding them to the sheet with a craft knife, to ensure a neat finish.
To make the rocker stand, use the template and trace it onto sturdy card or acetate, then cut out. Alternatively, you could decorate the template itself (which is very sturdy) by covering it with paper or drawing / painting on it with your own designs.
I decided to make my rocker base out of black pearlescent card. The rocker base then needs to be creased with a bone folder and folded in half.
Attach the legs to the body of the wobbler using 3D foam pads.
Use one of the template strips (I used the one with rounded ends) to attach the head to the body of the Wobbler. You can trace the template on to acetate for this, if you prefer.
Attach the Wobbler body to the rocker stand, using 3D foam pads or tape on both sides.
I used another of the template strips inside the rocker stand, secured with double sided tape. The card can still be folded flat to post, but this ensures that the rocker stand will remain upright (and not open so far that it falls flat) when the card is on display.
Finally, add the Wobbler's tail and decorate with other die cut elements as you wish, using foam pads and double sided tape.
A selection of cute Wobblers kits is available at Foil Play, along with co-ordinating topper sheets and rubber stamps too.

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