Saturday, 5 June 2010

Jolly Nation Football Fever cards

Another delicious selection of cards from a Jolly Nation topper pack by Angie, this time with a footie theme as the World Cup draws ever nearer! Angie also used co-ordinating badges and background paper.
This mini card has been made from left over blue glitter card, the football border is printed from MS Word.
On this simple, but very effective card, the topper and mat have been placed as a diamond, rather than square.
On this card, Angies has used a couple of mats from the Dinosaur Boy topper set, which co-ordinate well. She also added ribbon to make the topper look like a square rosette.
This very swish party favour box has a badge 'rosette' topper, two panels are trimmed with Jolly Nation Football Boy toppers and the other four with plain green pearly type card.
Isn't this variation of a shaker card with chocolate footballs fabulous! I'd love one of these and I'm not even a football fan (OK, so the secret is out, I'm a chocolate fan...). Angie has used two bubble fronts, the back one has a topper mat on embossed card on the back, with the Football Boy topper in front (on the inside of of the bubble). Angie then glued the two bubble fronts together, with three chocolate footballs inside and into an aperture card trimmed with ribbon, a printed border (from MS Word) and a Card Art greetings banner.
The Jolly Nation Football Boy toppers pack that Angie used is pictured below.
One more post in this mini-series is still to come, cards made with the Dinosaur Boy topper set.

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SDCrafts said...

They'll never date, will they? Such cleverly simply designs that you can make your own.