Monday, 7 June 2010

Website back up and running now

Just a quick post to confirm that the Foil Play website is back up and running now, after the hacking attack earlier today. All of the malware software has been removed and steps taken to guard against a repeat attack. A big thank you to my webmaster, Steve for saving the day!

This was an injection attack, inserting malicious software onto the site - no data was harvested. In any case, there are no payment details available to harvest as all online payments are processed securely away from the site.

There are still a few cosmetic issues to resolve, we will get the site looking back as normal as soon as we can. I do apologise again for the inconvenience caused by the downtime.


SDCrafts said...

This must have been a total nightmare and you have been so professional throughout, Gill. Thank you for keeping us informed.

Foil Play said...

Thank you Shirley :-)

I'm certainly hoping that tomorrow will be a little less eventful than today and Friday (when my PC died - now back in commission with a new motherboard).